Saturday, April 11, 2009

National Turn Off Week

Could you go without TV for one week? What about the computer? April 20th through 26th is National Turn Off Week. I am thinking hard about participating in this challenge. I have always enjoyed watching tv but my main time waster would probably be the computer. I read a few (50) blogs, play Scrabble on Facebook and try to keep up with email. Could I give all that up for a week??? Can Abby survive a week without Olivia, Little Bear or Handy Manny?? I can only imagine what Adam will say when I suggest we unplug. :)

I have visions of crafts being completed, books being read, board games being played. I will probably get to bed earlier. My blood pressure will get back to a more normal rate when I am not ticked off about my consistently bad scrabble stats. This could only be good right??? I mean it is not like we will really be roughing it. We will still have hot water. We will still be driving around in a car that is really too big for 3 people. Heck, I will even stock up on chocolate and coffee to help get us through the toughest moments.

I am going to do it! Who wants to join me?

1 comments: said...

Good luck!! maybe I'll stock up on chocolate too! can't hurt! looking forward to crafts and board games too!