Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some food for thought...

I read this on another blog and just had to pass it on -

We tend to focus on the bad things that have happened to us or worry about the negative possibilities ahead. But just as suddenly and quickly as a bad thing can happen, something wonderful can happen. We can be blessed at the most unexpected moments, but we're never waiting, focusing or hoping for that. Instead we're either waiting for or trying to avoid the bad. I will begin to expect something wonderful to happen at any moment. After all, I have already been blessed a thousand times over, why would I not expect for it to happen again and again and again?

--People's character can be judged by how they handle their money, how they handle their drink and how they handle their anger. I like this last part. It accepts that we all at times feel anger or other less than lovely emotions, but that we have choices in how we handle those feelings.

and no blog post would be complete without pictures so here are a couple of Abby making some new friends while at a zoo in Canada.


Patricia said...

I love the pictures. Your blog is do you have time?? I have to go work on my character now "_ Love you. Our girls are growing up so fast.

Whitney said...

You're doing such a great job being Abby's mom. Thanks for the great ideas and thoughts on life.

Carol Biering ("Mom") said...

Looks like Abby is keeping you hopping. These are the days she will treasure for the rest of her life....just as I know you and Adam already do.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Great blog.