Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The calendar says it's Fall...

but it's hot out there people.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello everyone. My blog sure has been neglected these past few months. Wanted to give you a little update on a few things.

Abby loves kindergarten. She is excited to go every morning and all smiles when I pick her up each afternoon. I no longer cry when I drop her off, well most days I don't. Something about her walking into that big school all on her own, lugging that heavy book bag really gets me. I am just so proud of how she has adjusted to everything.
The garden has been a real success for the most part. We had more cucumbers and squash than we could eat this summer and our cherry tomato plant produced a ton. The other tomatoes were a big flop. Not sure why. We just started to plant for the fall. Spinach, broccoli and lettuce.

I started back to work at the preschool a couple of weeks ago. I am teaching 4 year olds this year, 3 days a week. The kids started this week and I have to say it was the best first week I have ever had teaching. I am crazy about my little group and just feel like it is going to be the best year.
Baby the cat has made himself at home and seems to love life here. He was an inside cat before coming to live with us and loves this new freedom of being able to come and go through the cat door. He is a big time climber and we looked out the other day to find him on top of Abby's swing set. He has also learned to catch lizards but as soon as he catches one Abby takes it from him. The poor lizards around here do not have a chance.
So... that is the scoop. What is going on with you????