Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Week Unplugged

I decided to interview myself to give you the scoop on my week without tv and limited computer time.

So how did it go?
It went well. I did not watch any tv from Monday to Sunday and was only on the computer for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

How did it change your week?
I was way more productive than I normally am. I made muffins, playdoh and more muffins. I cleaned out some files and organized all our craft supplies. We spent a lot of time outside playing and working in the yard. I read a great book (more on that later) and caught up on my bible reading (I was a little behind). I also got to bed earlier.

What did you miss?
I really missed Dancing With the Stars (and no I can't believe I am admitting that to you). By the end of the week I was getting tired of being so productive and just wanted to zone out in front of the tube. I also missed communicating with a couple of friends/family that I email back and forth with a few times a week.

Any cheating?
I did listen to American Idol on the radio. :)

What were you trying to prove by doing this challenge?
Over the past few years it has just become a habit for me to plop down on the sofa after we get Abby to bed. I either watch tv or mess around on the laptop or do both at the same time. I really wanted to take a week and force myself to do other things.

So will you continue this unplugged lifestyle?
No! But I do plan to make some changes. I really enjoy both the tv and the computer but they are huge distractions for me. I found myself less stressed this week and more present with Abby and Adam. I really feel like I was a better wife and mom this week and that is worth missing has-been actors try to become ball room dancers any day.


Melissa said...

I like the interview with yourself idea. Very creative. Glad you had a nice unplugged week and thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I like your "interview with yourself" technique too & wish I had used it - makes for a great read. :)

Katy said...

So my next question is... What did husband think of this un-plugging? Did he take part?

My challenge is Joe he always wants to watch a show!!! I am trying to pull us away some!

Great job T - keep up the good work! ;-)

Teresa said...

Katy - Adam kinda particpated. He only watched a few shows. He was not as excited about unplugging as i was.