Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thoughts on the Inauguration

We had the tv on a good bit on Tuesday as the Inauguration was going on. As Abby was watching for a moment I said to her something along the lines of what a special day it is because of President Obama being our first African American president. Ya know, the first president with black skin. Abby says, "Oh I know, just like Cleo." (our black cat) :)

Later in the week Abby asked me when John McCain would get to be president. I told her that he would probably never be president (I did not go into the fact that he is ancient or that the Republican party sure hopes to have more of a rock star next time). I reminded her how everyone voted and Barack Obama got more votes so he gets the job. She then went on to tell me that her brother and sister voted for McCain. This would be her pretend brother and sister that she talks about quite often. She also says they live in Canada now. Hummmmm.... they voted for McCain. They now live in Canada. It is all making sense now.