Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Stuff

Lots of Valentine stuff going on here that I want to share...
I received this shadow box of hearts from a student (and her very crafty mom) yesterday and I just love it.
The next two ideas came from this great blog. Love, love, love Abby's little pink Love Birds.

Thought this would be a great card for Abby's teachers.

I made a little Valentine Advent for Abby.

These little magnetic tins came from Ikea.
I have them lined up around the fire place but they would also work great on the fridge.

Each tin has a little love note and sweet treat.

If you can sew - check out what my friend Julie made at Three Queens and A King. I love these so much.
Any Valentine stuff going on at your house?


Julie said...

How stinking cute is all of your stuff! I LOVE the Valentine countdown. I also love your new look! Snazzy.

Katy said...

What great ideas!! Wish you were at my house - there's no Valentine love going on there - Mr L has got to step it up!! ;-)

Happy love day next week to you and the rest of your clan!!

paula :: plays with mud said...

LOVE it all. Thanks for the inspiring ideas. We haven't done much for Valentine's since the kiddos have been sick ... maybe this weekend??