Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Turn, Your Turn

carrots from our garden - but this has nothing do with the subject of today's post

Do not bother reading this post if ...

  • you never have to (I mean get to) play with young children

  • you love playing anything and everything your child suggest

  • your child will happily play any educational game you have ever come up with

Do read this post if ...

  • you find yourself counting the minutes till school starts back and wondering how in the world you will survive another minute of playing tag, or Littlest Pet Shop Toys or acting out the death scene from Lion King

  • your child can sniff a learning opportunity from a mile away and wants nothing to do with it

Okay - for those of you still reading I want to tell you about a game that I came up with that may just be my best idea ever. It is called My Turn, Your Turn. Very simple - Abby and I set a timer for 10 minutes and we play what she wants (dance party, barbies, lion tamer) and when the timer beeps it is my turn to pick (letter bingo, connect four, pattern blocks). It is a win, win for both of us.


paula :: plays with mud said...

Absolutely love the honesty of it. And your carrots! :)