Friday, July 31, 2009

ready to go snacks - Kid Friendly Friday

I get so many great ideas from Carisa's blog and here is one of my favorites - a bowl full of snacks. This stays in the pantry on a low shelf (as opposed to the chocolate that stays on a very high shelf). When Abby wants a snack she can go get one her self. If we are headed out the door and need a snack for the car - she can pick one or two real quick. To see more kid friendly ideas check out I Blame My Mother.

What is making your life easier at the moment?


Sarah said...

I need to do this in my pantry. I use the bottom crisper door of the refrigerator for string cheese, apples, yogutr, etc but haven't done it with dry goods. Would REALLY help! Thanks!

Sherry said...

Ive never thought of this, but this would be great for Lu so she would't whine about the snack I give her for school, she could feel like shes picked her own from a snack bowl, great idea, Im doing this one, when school starts back for sure!!