Friday, July 10, 2009

Go Ape Card Game

Abby got one of the coolest games for her birthday. Go Ape is like Crazy Eights but instead of asking for the card you need, you have to act it out. We had lots of laughs playing with cousin Emily when she visited us from Canada last week.

Thanks Grandma Gail for this great game. :)

For more Kid Friendly ideas check out I Blame My Mother.


Double C said...

What a handsome young lady. Her father must be da bomb.
(Do I win something for this entry??)

Sherry said...

cute pics!! I think it is great we are going to do the letter exchange, I am gonna wait a few more days see if any more responses come in then email you my address, I can't wait!! Lu is so excited!!

Sarah said...

What a great gaem for those that cannot read. Fun, of course, for even those who can :) but bonus for non-readers! Thanks for participating in KFF - have a great weekend~