Monday, July 7, 2008

If Oprah can do it, so can I - Teresa's Favorite Things

1. This really yummy pasta dish that Adam made for us on the weekend.

2. You may not really get how happy this makes me unless you are a teacher, former teacher or you have a love for children's books - but I did an actual happy dance when I found this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree at Lakeshore Learning (a new teacher store in Charlotte). Maybe someday Abby will enjoy it as much as I do. If you live near one of these stores and you know any kids, you must go there. Santa will be doing lots of shopping there this Christmas.

3. Our new neighbor (finally one we like), who has decided to raise her family right outside our back stoop (Note egg she just buried today). Does anyone know how long the gestation period of a box turtle is by the way????

4. This book by Cynthia Rylant. It is a book of poetry but you would never know it. You can read it in one sitting and it is absolutely lovely. Reminds me of this book, which is another must read. Ginger - I thought of you when I read this one. :)

5. Free entertainment.
feeding the fish

feeding a duck

loving on a lizard

I finally have the comments section working on here now (I think). So please feel free to give me some feedback.
Have a great week!


Erin Koch said...

Hi- We just received your information from Melissa for the kids sewing kit swap. My daughter Riley is so excited to get to "meet" your daughter online. We have done one swap before and she loved it. Your girl is a cutie.

Whitney said...

The one of Abby holding the lizard reminds me of Will. So cute!