Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

We took a road trip to the Riverbanks Zoo last weekend. We were very excited to see the 4 month old lion cubs. When Adam wondered out loud where the mommy lion was Abby says, "I think she is out shopping." For the record I really don't shop that much.

a sleepy koala

feeding nectar to the birds

and of course the mandatory ride on the merry-go-round (actually I think she rode it 4 times)

Notice our girl is wearing glasses. Isn't she beautiful.

Abby got a sucker from the eye doctor this week and she asked me what flavor it was. I told her butterscotch. She said, "Oh, I taste the butter and the scotch." :)


Whitney said...

Sweet, sweet Abby. Her glasses remind me of a She's absolutely perfect, to quote Chysanthemum's parents. And of course she knows the flavors of both butter and scotch. Any parent worth her salt introduced her to both by about two months in sensory integration training. ; )

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog it is soo cute

Anonymous said...

Abby's glasses are so nice. They really make her look so cute. She is precious

Kyralin said...

I love your blog it is so nice to see what modern families do. I am in college and when I have a baby I hope she is as wonderfull as yours

Katherine-Jolene said...

Abby is an angel from heaven. She looks so wonderfull you are very bleesed. I was never able to have kids and it is so nice to look at the next generation growing. It truly is wonderful