Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Marvelous Mother

To all the folks that follow “The Clark Clan” blog, there is a bit of a change this week. The site has been hijacked by husband of the blogger. You only have to follow the blog for a few weeks to see all the neat things that Teresa does and wonderful experiences she exposes our daughter Abby to. However, I wanted to let everyone know what an amazing mother Teresa truly is.

I know darn well how lucky I got,

When Teresa got hit with Cupid’s shot.

But what I really did not know,

Was when it came to mothering, she is a pro.

She teaches Abby new things every day,

And makes learning fun through lots of play.

Crafts and activities are always at hand,

You’d be amazed at all the uses for sand.

Her patience and temperament are truly great,

Even when Abby is filled with hate. J

The fun days, the tough days, she never gets fazed,

To watch her with Abby I am simply amazed.

Just watching her parent inspires me,

To be the best father I can be.

I got so darn lucky to find such a wife,

Friend and mother to share my life.

So today here’s to all you mothers out there,

Thank you Teresa for letting me share.


Ms Rumph said...

What a very appropriate and sweet poem Adam (tears streaming down my face right now)! Abby is blessed to have two very special parents.
Love, Kim

Julie said...

What a great great poem and oh so true!!! Thanks for sharing!

paula :: plays with mud said...

awwww - love it!!

Katy said...

wowzers!! That was awesome! Adam you've earned mucho points with that! I wonder if Joe even knows we have a blog!??!?!

Love you guys!!

danette said...

Yea, she is a good sister as well. I guess she has many tallents.... she is a good husband picker too. It is always a great thing when you see someone you care about succeeding and happy and a positive impact on the world around her....bro Mark