Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Lost, Lost Tooth

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I wish I could give you my tooth but I lost it. Could you still please leave me a treat? Tooth Fairy - do you have a castle made of teeth? Will you write me an email back and try not to wake me up?

Abby (age 5)

Dear Abby,

Congratulations on loosing your first tooth. Please be very careful with the next tooth you lose. If you save that tooth for me, I will tell you what I do with all the teeth. I am leaving you some money to buy yourself a treat.

The Tooth Fairy

Epilogue: After spending a good bit of time looking for the lost tooth, Abby admitted to us that she accidentally ate her tooth while trying to fit it back in her mouth. Ugh...
Also wanted to note that the tooth fairy does not do email. :)


Anonymous said...
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Katy said...

yeah abby! She's officially getting too big! She can't be losing teeth already!?!?

Anonymous said...

Please tell Abby that when our daughter was young she also swallowed the first tooth she lost. The tooth was loose and when she was eating a popsicle, she accidently swallowed her tooth too. She also wrote a note to the tooth fairy and left it instead of the tooth she had swallowed. The tooth fairy still left Kelly the money for her tooth and told Kelly she hoped that next time, she would get to see a tooth! Thanks for sharing this story. It brought back lots of memories!