Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Favorite Holiday Reads

This week I want to share a few of our favorite holiday books. I keep all our Christmas books packed away so when we pull them out at the end of November it is like reuniting with old friends. Abby can read/sing Deck the Halls and I absolutely love the illustrations in this sweet story. Poor Harvey Slumfenburger lives at the top of the Roly Polly Mountain and you would not believe what Santa has to go through to get his gift to him. Such a fun book.

Jesus' Christmas Party is my all time fave. If you know a child - you must introduce them to this retelling of that famous night in Bethlehem.

What are some of your favorite holiday books?


Anonymous said...

Thanks I will try those out.

Kcox said...

Hey I still love your blogs. Thanks for sending them to me

Sarah said...

I can't wait to check out Jesus' Christmas Party! Thanks for linking.

Ms Rumph said...

Teresa, What a great idea to wrap the books and open one to read each night! I need to check these titles out. One of my favorites is Mr. Willoby's Christmas Tree.